Web Radio Interview – National Radio Host Danielle Lin with Mike Ciell and Chris Harding on Heart Health

Mike Ciell Danielle LinThis program features an interview conducted by National Radio Host, Danielle Lin with Our Health Co-op’s Chris Harding and Mike Ciell regarding his breakthrough Unified Theory of Heart Health and the role the Co-op’s Heart Plus plays in this protocol.

Ms. Lin, a certified nutritionist, has had a nationally syndicated talk show on healthy living for over 30 years and has interviewed such luminaries as Deepak Chopra, author John Maxwell, renown physicist, Greg Braden, and news anchor, Joan Lunden.

Danielle Lin Interviews the Co-op’s Chris Harding and Integrative Pharmacist, Mike Ciell, R.Ph. – Listen to this powerful, 1-hour interview commercial free.

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