Top Reasons to Love the Co-op

  1. Quality Whistling Way Beyond Expectations – Flabbergasted? It’s true–100% of our products go through independent laboratory testing and all must meet 100% of our label claims. Even U.S. Pharmacopia standards allow for 10% less than what is claimed on product labels. Our manufacturers know they must put “overage” in our products to make sure random samples come in at 100% of label claim, no matter what we test. We are just that serious about quality.
  2. Prices Fit for $uper Thrifty $hoppers – It’s simple. We know who we serve—a whole lot of health-conscious people who are seeking quality and value.  In addition, a certain portion of our members are fixed income seniors who count pennies (literally) and who also count on our products to help them feel better and enjoy life more. We are quite serious about keeping our prices as low as possible without sacrificing our unusually high quality standards. If you got to this page, someone probably referred you because of their great experience with our company’s products. If you got here by yourself, congratulations, you just discovered one of the great secrets in supplements, Our Health Co-op. Go back and read #1 if you have any doubts about our commitment to top quality as well as discount prices!
  3. Hot Heart Plus Based on Linus Pauling’s Research– Our #1 seller is Heart Plus, which offers powerful heart and connective tissue health support. With Vitamin C, L-Lysine, L-Proline, and Rose Hips, this product flies out of our warehouse at just under $12 a bottle. Often paired with Green Tea Extract, for more heart-healthy nutrition, the combo sells for just over $20. Don’t let the low prices lull you into thinking these are less than powerhouses. Heart Plus, humble as it is in nature, has a fan club fit for a movie star.
  4. Cool Constant Health Formula Only Available Online Here – Yep, while Constant Health drink mixes are available in select integrative medicine clinics, we have the exclusive rights for this amazing all-in-one, high-protein, high-fiber drink powder. Shown to improve four critical health markers in a clinical study, customers regularly report a wide variety of benefits (more energy, ease in joints, greater satiation between meals, etc.) from this super cool all-natural, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free formula!  It’s not candy but it tastes mighty good for a dense nutrition product. Blend it up with fresh fruit, a little ice, nuts, you name it, and you’ve got a rockin’ potion to fuel up in the a.m. or during mid-afternoon slumps!
  5. Making Friends While Offering “Satisfaction Guaranteed” – Many claim to have a “satisfaction guaranteed” commitment, but that often means that a company will refund your money if you don’t like a product you buy. We do that too, no sweat. However, we think that “satisfaction guaranteed” means more. If you’re grumpy, it’s our joy to listen (and make improvements). If you feel like a number on a call line at most places, it’s our mission to make you feel like we just shook hands or shared a corny joke (more on that in a moment!). In this “get on with it” age of technology, we enjoy the “hey, how are you?!” element of doing business. We consider every new customer a potential friend. It’s okay with us if you’re all business and just want quality and great prices, but if you want to drop us notes, chat a bit, send a picture of your garden or crazy summer holiday adventures, you’ll get a personal response, guaranteed!
  6. Discounts for Integrative Physician Consultations – Our favorite integrative physician, Dr. Hugo Rodier, offers a preferred rate for Co-op members who want to schedule a consultation. He will do 15-minute quick consults or full-hour educational sessions. We never know where his humor will go, but we totally trust his understanding of nutrition and how to use nutritional supplements to improve health.
  7. Member Perks, No Fees – Members who subscribe to our newsletter receive 10% off their first orders and receive weekly updates on sales and specials. No membership fee, no hassle, just deals for coupon-mad consumers.
  8. For the Love of Animals – We all love pets and four-legged, fuzzy, funny creatures of all kinds. Just say “Awww!”  We also share humorous and inspirational videos, mostly featuring animals, most of which are contributed by our members.
  9. We’re Funny (At Least We Think We Are) – Here’s the kind of thing we write to our members when they complain about things. (Are we looking for a 2nd complaint, you may ask? No.. just hoping to lighten people’s day!)


I am sorry you feel like you have been cheated. We have found it is much better if we can cheat people without them ever realizing it. Since you have caught on to our nefarious scheme, I feel obligated to give you the coupon code which was in the survey. You can now scoop up your freebie!

Seriously, we really appreciate the time you took to provide feedback and your continued support of Our Health Co-op. We love to hear from our members so feel free to contact us anytime.


Stephen Fason, COO, Our Health Co-op

10. Where Else You Gonna Hear from a Talking Kat?! – Our mascot, Guido, is an irreverent feline who authors our newsletters, opines on all things human, and plays a goofy familial role for the general membership. As one member wrote in our last survey:

“I feel like Guido is some all-knowing kitty god in the sky who looks out for us!”

Where else you gonna have a kat as a favorite pen pal?!  We’re different, we know it, and we hope you give us a chance to show you that you will like our difference.