TestimonialsSatisfied and loyal members are what keeps Our Health Co-op successful. We regularly poll members about products we offer, taking member feedback into consideration when we upgrade our products.

What Members Are Saying

“Greetings Kat! I have been a member and support the Co-op for some time now. One of the key items that attracted me to your site was the quality. I love that fact that for your products you list the citation and studies for your claims. As an employee in a hospital I know the important of well done scientific studies or peer review research to back up medical claims. Your website is a shiny beacon above all of that. Not only you list studies but *BEST* of all you have “Notes” section that lists possible negatives or precautions. It takes a very honest and open company to do that. You don’t even attempt to hide it in the fine print as so many drug companies might do.” Chris H.

“Teri – Thanks so much for your phone call today. It is refreshing (and surprising) to find someone who takes such pride in her job, and who will go that extra mile to meet a customer’s needs. I have always been happy with the products I have received from your company, but your call today has made me a life-loyal customer. You made my day! Thanks again!” Rosemary

“My husband and I have become big fans of yours in a short period of time. We are already taking Fish Oil, Sublingual B (me), Multi-Vites, Neuro PS (me) and HGH Enhancer. Thank you for your high quality products and low prices.” Jennifer F.

“Dear Guido and Associates – Thank you for consistently making life easier for those of us who look to you for guidance in our quest to live well as long as we live.” Iris F.

“My sister referred me to your website…I felt like I hit Christmas. Your prices are unbelievable!! I think its wonderful that you care so much about getting nutrition out to people at a fair price!! I cant wait to get my products!!!” D.A.

“I just want to report that your Tell-A-Friend service is a stroke of genius! I’ve a friend I’ve been telling about Our Health Coop for two years, urging her to check it out. But not until I entered her e-mail address on your Tell-A-Friend page did she actually go there to see what it was all about. She then sent me profuse thanks for the referral, and said she’s going to use the Co-op for all her supplement needs from now on. Really! You can never tell what will reach whom.” K.A.

“I really appreciate your newsy emails, very informative. My apologies for not showing a greater appreciation, this “kat” is extra busy with two jobs and packing for a major move (at 71 it is no easy task). Keep up the great work!” E.

“You are my favorite sassy supplement site and I particularly appreciate your mode of marketing .. and my Bichon (Thunder) is a big fan of the pooch picture pages. Since I was there with y’all at the beginning, I can say…you make me proud of your perennial performance.” P.W.

“KUDOS to the kat, on lab testing. Really appreciate it.” P.R.

“Housemouser Guido: Just wanted to take the time to commend you folks on your operation. Your service is terrific. Thank you for being on the ball!” M.G.

“Y’all always have done an excellent job in speaking the truth and separating fact from hype in a very murky but highly lucrative field. Thank you for being the watchdogs, the protectors, the providers, and the supporters of realistic alternative health for the masses. And thanks for making it affordable as well.” L.B.B.

“I’m 48 and have been a type I diabetic (now on insulin pump and well controlled) since age 14. Although I have taken various vitamin supplements over the years, for the last 8 months I’ve been religiously taking, among others, several of the Our Health Co-op products every day (at recommended dosages) to include: Coenzyme Q-10 (Softgels), Fish Oil, Sublingual B Trio, Liquid Calcium with Magnesium, Grape Seed Extract, Natural Vitamin E (I take 800 iu), Beta Sitosterol and Alpha Lipoic Acid. I recently went to my ophthalmologist to have my annual eye exam to check for diabetes related eye problems like retinopathy…a major complication of diabetes. He dilates my eyes and looks for changes/hemorrhages. Over the past 15 years he has always seen some varying degrees of peripheral retinopathy or hemorrhages. After my exam this time he was silent and looked rather perplexed which worried me. He then said, ‘I cannot find any signs of retinopathy at all. Your eyes are clear.’ Now I was surprised too! He then said it was extremely rare to have any diabetic with a disease duration as long as me to have a complete reversal of peripheral hemorrhages. He asked me what I was doing different. I decided not to get into a debate. Of course I believe the combined effect of the nutrients and antioxidants I take are responsible. It could not be anything else.”

“I want you to know that, despite all the things they’re diagnosing in me now, I feel better than I have in several years, since I’m taking the Co-op supplements. I have always taken supplements but never felt this well. And, thanks to your philosophy on pricing, I could never have afforded this array of supplements for this long on a $462 per month Social Security income.”

“Been taking your CoQ-10, Heart Plus Pauling Formula and HGH Enhancer for about one month now. Been lookin’ for the weight loss, but nothin’ yet. Feel somewhat better though, and my (usually low) blood pressure has gone even lower, down to around 110/50/60. Feel pretty good for a smoker of 52. I have noticed a very slight reduction in the fine lines around my eyes, with a slight improvement in skin tone and appearance, although, being a handsome devil (slightly leonine in appearance) who needs to improve?”

“Just wanted you to know that I think your products are fantastic. I’m a nutritionist (and Licensed Acupuncturist) and I have products from numerous companies. I can say for sure that your Vitamin C is the best (Pauling’s) and your Fish Oil is the best too. Your honesty (and genuine concern for making all of our brief stays on this planet more enjoyable) is deeply appreciated.”

“Meow! Love the pics….Love the chatty info….Love the updates and new health info…..Love the personal touches!” T.F.