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Guggul Plus (Formerly Cholesterol X) Update

Since we sold our last bottle of Cholesterol X back in early fall, members have been hissing to this kat to bring back the guggul, policosanol and hawthorne berry formula.

So we have but with a couple of important announcements:

Members recommended that we change the name to highlight the guggul extract ingredient, which has been shown to help normalize both "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides (another type of blood fat).

Our label says that every 750 mg of guggul extract should contain 2.5% guggulsterones (yielding 18.75 mg per tablet). The results for the raw material came back at 2.33% vs. 2.5% guggulsterones (which would yield an estimated 17.5 mg per tablet) – or a difference of 1.25 mg per tablet.


Some of you may be wondering, “why test the raw material?” The answer is simple. Once guggulsterone is in formulation, you cannot test accurately. The same is true for policosanol in formulation.

To boot, botanicals (herbals) are some of the hardest critters to test. You see, botanicals are created in nature and not in a lab, which means that they can vary slightly from sample to sample, even when they are supposed to be standardized.

As our long-time members can testify, we are committed to meeting label claims. Being under on anything is no everyday occurrence. Ask any lab director about botanicals and you will get the same story.

Alas, we tested and retested and we believe this last production run is slightly under our label claim. We spent a lot of anguished time discussing what to do.

Teri, who listens to all the members begging for this product, wanted to make Guggul Plus available as soon as possible. Cindy, who is a big pain when it comes to testing, wanted to send the production run back to the manufacturer. And, Stephen, who hates to see waste, said, “Let’s let everyone know about the results and give a discount for those who want the product anyway.”

Given the commotion about Guggul Plus, this kat decided to “let the market decide.” It’s up to you to decide whether you approve.

You can review the test results for the guggulsterones and the policosanol, which passed with flying colors, at:


Members Enthusiastic About Guggul Plus

Here’s what some of members said about Guggul Plus (formerly Cholesterol X):

  • “I'm a medical intuitive, and very often I find that products from Our Health Co-op are the best remedies available for the people who consult with me...I have found Guggul Plus a very effective and safe way to bring [cholesterol] numbers down, and certainly a far better alternative than statins and their concomitant liver concerns.” Timothy
  • “…My husband takes Guggul Plus and he got his cholesterol within a range to make his statin-obsessed doctor happy!” Norma
  • “The Guggul Plus is the ONLY product I took for the last year to help lower my total cholesterol reading. I went from 258 down to 228 in one year’s time. I am really proud of this accomplishment.” Marilyn
  • “You must promote this product more. Cholesterol is such a big problem, and this product works! You have to hammer away on this point.” Doug

Again, we are offering Guggul Plus at $2 off or $16.75 in our product catalog.

Member Highlight: Photographer, Thomas Wintz

Despite being the big cheese, Cindy likes to chat with members directly. She saw a note Teri forwarded from a member about a product request and she clicked through to Thomas Wintz’s web site.

Thomas, as it turns out, is a wonderful photographer, specializing in weddings, family portraits, and recording special events. He and his wife live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Cindy sent a note to Thomas complimenting him on his site and asking how he and his family survived the hurricanes last fall.

Thomas wrote back with a touching story:


Thank you for noticing my message and for your kind comments about my web site and images. Life has been great for my wife, Valerie, and I since the “storms.” We had only minor damage from the first storm and none from the second.

We were living in a 3 bedroom house when the first storm hit and had a one bedroom apartment above my office that was “for rent.” Our children are all grown and out of the house and, while we love them, we don’t want any of them to move back in. So, we leased our house to a family from New Orleans and moved into the apartment. The smaller space has been very enjoyable and comfortable. Valerie is happy that it is much easier to keep clean.

My business did go down after the storms. I do lots of event photography and portraits. All but one event between the storm and the end of the year were cancelled and all events booked for the first half of 2006 cancelled. The people in this area had too many other things on their minds to even think about portraits.

Our city grew…Baton Rouge went from a population of 350,000 to over 450,000, and this has been stressful for all of us. This will be good for business in the future and the photography business is now picking up rapidly.

How did I survive the last three months plus with little business? I am not one to sit around doing nothing and I am good at carpentry. I started helping friends with clean up and repair and my work was noticed by others. Soon I was busy doing carpentry work, some as a volunteer and some for pay.

My time is now divided about half and half between photography and carpentry and we are doing very well. While I am enjoying the carpentry work, I am glad that the photography business is picking up and I look forward to the day I am back to just photography. It is and always will be what I love to do. All in all, I say that we are blessed.

Again, thank you for your kindness and keep up the good work in the Co-op.


It’s easy to be cynical in this world of bad news, so it’s nice to share stories about wonderful members like Thomas and Valerie.

To check out Thomas’ portfolio: www.wintz.net 

If you or someone in your family has an interesting story or a health report to share with our far-flung Co-op community, please drop a line to moi: guido@ourhealthcoop.com  

Health in the News

From stories on turmeric and prostate cancer to soy isoflavones and breast cancer, the New Year is full of health in the news. Take a look!

Okay! That’s it for now!


Still purringly yours,


Guido Housemouser
Chief Kat and Community Manager
Our Health Co-op

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