Kat’s Story: Who is this Guido Character?!

For years, we’ve promised to tell the kat’s story, and finally, here it is! Written from the perspective of the charmingly cheeky kat, we give you The Way of the Cat: Feline Secrets to Life, Love, and Longevity. Complete with the tale of the kat’s rise to Co-op fame, cherished member stories, exclusive health tips and nutritional information, and inspirational quotes, this 50-page, beautifully illustrated book culminates in a list of 12 delightful feline insights into life, love, and longevity. Here’s a sneak peak into a few of the kat’s 12 rules for learning to thrive:

Cat’s Rule #6: Think With Your Feet
“Alas, you humans are experts at enduring bad jobs, bad relationships, and just plain bad situations, too often opting for what requires the least action rather than seeking out the life you want. Many of you believe that you can ‘think’ your way into changing your lives. We felines are a little more practical. We leap into life, trust ourselves, and think with our feet.”

Cat’s Rule #9: Let ‘Em Love You
“Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and accept love from those around you. When someone hugs you, don’t be the first one to let go. Good grief, you humans can have an awfully low body-contact threshold!”

As our CEO, Cindy Marteney, writes, “This book is for people who are still young at heart, care about health, and have a soft spot for silliness in an all-too-serious world.”

A Little Kat History:
Our Health Co-op’s mascot is a “kat” named Guido. Guido has been a beloved fixture of the Co-op since the very beginning, and Guido was the author of the Co-op’s weekly newsletters. We’ve done two big surveys and members consistently say “keep the kat,” that life is too short and humor is always more than welcome.The “kat” writes in a slightly irreverent style, emphasizing the latest health science along with product and member news items.  Guido gets to opine on the idiosyncrasies of “the humans” and can be philosophical at times.

And, we do have to note that Guido will on occasion sigh prolifically when others grab the spotlight, notably our physician and pharmacist friends, but also those dreaded canines.

Members write to Guido, often playing along with the kat humor.  The kat, not being a modest character, has come to expect lots of adulation and fan mail and will always write back to pen pals.

If you would like to send Guido a note, a comment or pictures of your favorite pet, send an email to: guido@ourhealthcoop.com.