Humor & Inspiration

At the Co-op, we firmly believe regular and hearty laughter is a vital ingredient to good health (and we have the research to back it up). We also believe in good stories to keep the heart warm.

Here are a few stories we love and funnies that crack us up on a regular basis. If you’ve got a funny you think can make us laugh out loud or a story you think will tug out our heart strings, send an email to the kat, and if we agree and feature your contribution on the website, we’ll send you a Gift Certificate good for 15% off your next purchase.

Nothing like a collection of funny animal videos to brighten your day. Enjoy!

Here’s a great lesson in collaboration… when a bird takes on the task of feeding the family dog:

This brave little cat has learned how to overcome his disability with an truly ingenious adaptation:

This was a member favorite… this dog has such a wonderfully expressive face:

The remarkable camouflage abilities of this octupus are truly amazing:.

With remarkable dedication a team of doctors help and elephant with a prosthethic leg:.

If you enjoyed the movie, “Rocky,” this video clip will certainly make you smile.

Ever played the game “Hungry, Hungry Hippo?” Well here’s a family who has taken that game to new heights with a real live hippopotamus.

You’ve heart the phrase about courageous people being lion-hearted, right? Well this man defines that term like few others.

Okay there’s smart… there’s cute… and then there’s cute and smart! Check out Maggie, the dog who’s a math whiz!

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along come Patches, a horse whose living a life of a human… oh my!

When life sends us on a different road, some people have learned to adapt and make the most of it. Such is the case with Greg Pike, whose unlikely trio of a dog, a rat, and a cat have set out to show the world how to get along.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, the story of JMac will light you up. He’s a testament to the power of a dream.

Want a dose of cuteness? Check out this video of the month-old leopard cubs at Tacoma’s Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. It’s bound to generate some smiles (and maybe even a few “ooohs” and “ahhhs”):

If you’re like most, you didn’t even know this remarkable little creature existed. Some say it’s the ugliest creature on the other… we happen to think it’s cute.

Can you imagine what it would be like, if we had to interview for the job of a service dog. This charming video gives us a little peak at the remarkable requirements… not sure I’m up for the job quite yet.

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