Favorite Pets – Siamese Kitten African Parrot

Bela, named for Bela Lugosi, sits on her specially constructed shelf to watch the birdies.
Can this kat say spoiled? Sheesh. ^..^

“Say hello to Princess, the talking African Gray. Princess is quite talented — she mimics the phone-locator beeping, as her way of locating us, and imitates the birds from the living room clock.

I know there are people who seem to think animals wouldn’t sense feelings, but Princess knew when I was feeling down, and as I sat at the bottom of the stairs, I heard her say “Awww” in sympathy. This further proved to me that animals CAN feel human emotion, just as we do.” – Dave

Here is Tess’ newest Meezer, Babu, before he was big enough to take home. Siamese kittens have to be at least 2 lbs. before they can go to their new homes, which means they’re usually 4-5 months old. Originally from more tropical climates, Siamese had it rough upon first coming to the States. Fragile little things with loud voices!

Here’s Babu with Tess’ other meezers, Diddy and Dante, doing what felines do best – napping. When Babu first arrived home, he stuck to Diddy like glue, and Diddy sensing the little kitten’s desperation, was an excellent Diddy Mama.

This is Charlie, a local dog who greets Teri and Harley each morning at 6AM at their cabin in the woods of Georgia.
“Charlie comes in for a bit of breakfast and loving and he is off for the rest of the day, returning around 5PM for more loving and another treat. He thinks nothing about taking a nap in the middle of the road, so the top of Trail Tree Ridge is perfiect for him as there are only 6 homes and we all know to watch out for him. I just love Charlie.” – Teri