Favorite Pets – Ginger, Nell the Service Dog, & More

Long-time Co-op friend and member, Claire, sent us this great picture of her wonderful companion Ginger and wrote:

“She will be 5 on Dec. 23rd, which is our anniversary. She was absolutely meant to be ours. We rescued her from Morgantown, NC shelter. There was Ginger and her sister. She chose us. She jumped up onto my lap and looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and I was lost… She is gentle with children and very loyal. She just loves our family and, she’s a comfort and blessing from God. I hope you enjoy her picture. She’s all wrapped up like a present, which she is to us.”

Teri (yes, our delightful human, who answers our phone) sent a picture of Nell to me.

Teri gets to host future service dog, Nell, for a weekend this summer (very excited). Nell will learn to retrieve keys as well as newspapers and navigate in busy traffic as well as shopping malls!

Well, if you’re going to have a dog around, it might as well make itself useful and be of service! Again, I much prefer to be served! ^..^

Sent by member Ellen A, who included an animated Garfield image with pictures of her “baby!”

Also from Ellen A.
All I can say is, “You would never find a cat sitting still for a seatbelt!” Alas, the differences between the species are many! ^..^

Sent by member Donna F.
“This little feline is still pampered, despite the arrival of a little human named Madeline Elizabeth this summer!”

This kat approves! Purr, purr! ^..^

Sent by member Barb S.
“Meoww! I’ve got some GREAT cat pic’s for you to put online – I think you’ll agree they’re meowingly purrrfect! Check them out – Thanks!”

O-k, so cats can also be persuaded to look ridiculous! At least it’s clear that this feline is simply humoring the humans (unlike the grinning canine above!). ^..^