Favorite Pets – I Swear to You Ralph

Sent by long-term member, Gayle N.!
Yep, this is an absolute classic, which deserves to be seen again.Just love it! ^..^

“Here is my beautiful bird, Kiwi.”
Sent by “Sandi,” who does not appear to be a member! However, I decided we were short on birds and the red hibiscus was so vibrant! ^..^

Sent by original member, Mac M.
“This is Punkin, my Lhasa Apso, at about 6 months of age. She brought happiness into my life every day for 17 years.”A quite fashionable photo shoot! Very good, for a dog! ^..^

Sent by Iain Trousdell of Hawkes Bay, NZ, who felt Joey deserved a Co-op tribute! Here it is! ^..^
“Joey was with us for only a year and half after we found him starving in the hills nearby. His master of 13 years¬†had died and he had been given to a family with several DOGS who hassled him silly! So he ran away and we found him. After several months he calmed down and we all loved each other a lot (4 sons at home!).Joey would go outside when it was drizzling rain a little and stretch out his front legs and relax off to sleep ¬†like this photo shows. He was a character!”