Our CCO: Chief Community Officer, Chris Harding

Chris Harding

As our Chief Community Officer or CCO, Chris is responsible for building new partnerships and bringing new services to the Co-op community. Chris’s family has always been devoted to natural healing methods and he remembers his father boiling slippery elm and making all sorts of other botanical remedies when he was a kid. Chris has traveled the world, worked in television and film, and dedicated himself to learning from cultures both ancient and modern, Before joining our team, Chris was an enthusiastic Co-op member. He was an early-adopter of Constant Health, liking even the original flavor (with lo han guo as a sweetener).

Favorite Co-op Products

Hometown & Now
Chris was born in Utah. After a period of living in Malibu, CA, he returned to Salt Lake City, where he now lives with his wife, Lila, in “the Avenues.”

Music, spirituality, web technology, writing (he is an author!), and photography

Favorite Pets & Animals
Chris favors dogs and spends a lot of time with his dog, Kai, who can “dance” and do all sorts of tricks, but is cat-like in his quiet, fastidious, ultra-observant ways. Other animals that Chris appreciates include horses, wolves, and birds (particularly ravens).

A Favorite Quote
“Do what you can, with what you have, from where you stand.”
–An American Red Cross motto

If you would like to contact Chris, you may email him at: chris@ourhealthcoop.com.