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At the Co-op, we’re offering an increasing number of Video and Radio Interviews, Webinars, and Teleseminars on timely health topics. If you’ve missed out, or want to hear any of them again, here they are for your download and/or enjoyment:

Video Interviews

Web Radio Interviews

  • Vicki Kennedy Overfelt – This program features an interview conducted by Our Health Co-op’s Chris Harding with Vicki Kennedy Overfelt, a seasoned practioner of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) who shares why this practice is being taught at medical schools and how it helps people overcome the effects of stress and anxiety.
  • Tommy Kirchhoff – Join the Co-op’s Chris Harding as he and Healing Exercise General Manager, Tommy Kirchhoff, explore how Tai Chi’s subtle and powerful approach to breathing and movement have helped elevate the achievement of top athletes and assisted bedridden patients speed up their healing process.
  • Danielle Lin, CN and Mike Ciell, R.Ph – Join the Co-op’s Chris Harding as he is interviewed by nationally syndicated radio host Danielle Lin regarding heart health. Also adding to this informative 45-minute program is integrative pharmacist Mike Ciell who clearly explains the Unified Theory of Heart Health. This program is a must for anyone interested in managing heart health and preventing heart disease.
  • Bill Henderson – Join the Co-op’s Chris Harding and Teri Edgell for their latest interview with popular author, researcher, and health advocate, Bill Henderson. In the inteview, Bill shares important components of his latest book, written with Dr. Carlos Carols Garcia, including the 4 key essentials of successful healing.
  • Dr. Karen Tracy – In this informative and provocative interview, Dr. Tracy, a dentist and health advocate, shares valuable and surprising facts and opinions on dental health and care and how it impacts our overall health.
  • Nathan Bales – Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, QiGong Instructor, and Reiki Master, provides valuable insights into joint health and the powerful, non-invasive healing therapies available. Nathan also discusses how to appropriately use such beneficial supplements as Joint Complex, Glucosamine Sulfate, and MSM in the process.
  • Mike Ciell – Pharmacist, health advocate, and Chief Science Officer for Ideal Protein, explores what you should know about Calcium Supplements and the vital role calcium plays in our bodies’ health.
  • Dan Howard – The originator of a process called Intentional Resting (often described as a junction where Quantum Physics meets Modern Biology). Dan and his work have been featured in Oprah’s “O” Magazine, on Jack Canfield’s blogcast, and by Dr. Bernie Siegel. Hear what Dan has to say about this simple, but powerful method and take advantage of the 20% Off Discount he’s providing Co-op members.
  • Dr. Hugo Rodier – Well-respected integrative physician, author, lecturer, and adjunct professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine, engages in a four-part series to discuss the root cause of disease and its relationship to a process he describes as TOIL (Toxicity, Oxidation, Inflammation, and Less Mitochondrial Function).
  • Bill Henderson – Author, researcher, and humanitarian, speaks on his his unique health protocol – a non-toxic, healing program that has helped thousands overcome cancer.
  • Cindy Marteney – CEO of Our Health Co-op, provides a historical perspective about the Co-op and the fundamental philosophy that guides the organization.
  • Teri Edgell – Director of Member Services and Smiles for Our Health Co-op, is joined by member and accident survivor, Tom Tindall. Tom’s amazing story of recovery with the assistance of Constant Health, Soothing Greens, and L-Glutamine is both inspiring and informative.

Statements made during these programs do not necessarily reflect the views of Our Health Co-op, Inc. or its officers. Blog, Video, and Web radio content should not be taken as medical advice and is provided for informational purposes only. All personal healthcare decisions should be made in collaboration with your own healthcare professional.


  • Teri Edgell, Director, Member Services and Smiles
    Teri’s World with Harley
  • As, Director of Member Services and Smiles, Teri is responsible for overseeing customer service, reviewing online orders, correcting invoices, overseeing inventory management, training and overseeing shipping clerks, and handling all postal mail and phone orders.

    Teri Edgell is one of those one-of-a-kind personalities that make each day a better experience. Quick-witted, disciplined in follow-through, and caring, Teri has a fan club equal to that of the “kat’s!”  Many members forego the discounts online, just to talk to Teri live!

  • Hugo Rodier, M.D.
  • Hugo Rodier, M.D. is a recognized authority in nutritional and integrative medicine. He has done extensive research in standard medical journals (surveying 150 journals each month) to document the benefits of natural therapies.

    Dr. Rodier’s blog, Braindroppings, covers topics ranging from health politics to the obesity epidemic — and everything in-between. Dr. Rodier offers a unique and well-researched perspective on achieving optimal health through gut health, even linking seemingly unrelated health conditions to cellular and intestinal dysfunction.

  • Chris Harding – Chief Community Officer
    Creating a Healthy Community
  • As Chris states at the opening of his blog, he believes firmly in the mantra: “Do what you can, with what you have, from where you stand.” No place can that powerful saying come to life more than in the communities we form and take part in. In his blog, Chris will be exploring the topic of health — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. “We are whole beings (whether we realize it or not), Chris remarks. “And each of these aspects deserves to be integrated into our conversation.”